Bandhavgarh Buffer Zone

Breif detail

Reference to the State Gazette F-15-17-2010 dtd 27 Oct., 2010 by wildlife ( conservation) Act 1972 section 28V clarification (ii) using all the powers, 82003.5 hectare of forest land is declared as Buffer area. In this:
Maanpur Zone has -  33992.6 hectare.   =  Tala to Gajwahi Gate
Dhamokhar Zone -  26673.4 hectare        =  Mahaman to Badwaar
Panpatha Zone – 21337.5 hectare            =  Biruhali to Khitauli


  1. Maanpur Buffer Zone:

Maanpur buffer zone is sharing boundary with Core zone of Tala of Bandhavgarh National Park. The area is full of dense forest and all type of wild animals with river, rivulets, landscape, waterfalls and natural scenic spots etc. exists here, which has a great potential for attracting tourists. Tala zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is most popular zone because of the highest density of tigers present here.

Maanpur Buffer Zone Route Chart  -  (Tala to Gajwahi Gate )

Tala Buffer area Entry gate – Badia Ghaat – Jurnaar Ghaat – Chindia Ghaat – Chechpur – Johila – Khaama

Badia Ghaat:  Tourists can reach Badia ghaat through beautiful dense forest of Badkheda sighting animals movements, enjoying melody sounds of birds, where one can see an awesome view of the nature. The caves of porcupines are also present here along with the regular movement of the Tigers. There is a hill at  distance of one kilometer named Richhah, which is the habitation of Sloth Beer, Hyena  and wild Dogs.  Villagers were using the pathways in this region for commuting.

Zurnaar Ghaat: Jurnaar Ghaat is located 1 kms from Badia Ghaat, where Damnaar and Janaadh rivers meet each other. This scene is awesome and wonderful. The area is surrounded by large lush green trees and there are sand beaches on both sides of the river where tourists can walk and enjoy nature.

Chindia Ghaat: After crossing Damnaar River, proceed  towards Gobirataal, moving forward  cross Janaadh River. The villagers use only this road for commuting. Two caves are also present  for the habitation of tigers in the area along with the river. Mostly the tiger is sighted, sitting in the river.  If we cross this river, we can reach Chechpur through forest of Newasi. One can see a good wildlife in this area.

Kuthulia Fall: Kuthulia Fall ( Chechpur) is a very popular tourist place of Manpur Zone. Tourists in large numbers keep coming to this area to enjoy and wish to spend time. It is proposed to build and provide various facilities at Zohilla Water fall. Tourists can be  relaxed at Zohilla water fall after 3 – 4 hours Park excursion in Tala zone.  Both sides of River, there are sand bank where arrangements of camping with boarding and lodging facilities can be organized for the tourists. There is  a great potential for boating in Zohila fall area. There is an oldest and famous temple of Maharaja kartikey at Dashrath Ghaat, exists only one in Madhya Pradesh which can be visited by tourists through boating. Only salt is offered to the Lord Kartikey in the temple by followers. After crossing Johila Water fall Tourists will exit from Gajwaahi gate via  Makra, Patapriha, Kathai water fall, Khamha hill, Elephant lake, and Sunset point. The entire area of this route is also rich in wildlife, both flora and fauna. The scenic  beauty is also very admirable due to the tall Sal tree in this dense forest.

Zohila Fall: The other end of Kuthulia fall is known as Zohila fall. Arrangement of Cafeteria for the tourists is also proposed this side. Tourists can visit various scenic spots like Bhawarkhandi, Elephant lake,  Kathai water fall and Sunset point.

Sunset Point:  after visiting the entire area of Maanpur Buffer zone, tourist will reach Sunset point where he will enjoy  the wonderful view of the forest. There is a proposal of building a Machaan from where the tourists could stay a while and admire the nature.

Gajwaahi Gate:  After visiting the entire area of Maanpur buffer zone tourists will exit from the Gajwaahi gate.

  1.  Damokhar Buffer Area:

Damokhar Buffer area is extension of the Magadhi Core Area of the forest.

The route for this area starts from Mahaman to Badawar. It covers Jamunia – Jhaanjh – Mudgudi-Kehrawah –Kadewaha -  Kudarmada – Sahu – Taal – Sehimaada – Madehavah – Kalwahdhaar – and Badawar.

The entry point of Dhamokhar buffer area is Mahaman.

The area of Dhamokhar and Jamunia are densely populated with Deers, Sambhar, Chital, wild bore and is home to plentiful species of the birds. Jamunia is quite close to Gohni nd Mardari Village.

Jhaanjh: This place is worshipped by the local villagers. In Hindi it means anger. This place has significance of because it was home to saint of Jhaanjh. People believe that he is fulfills every wish. Slow moving river cuts the forest and becomes ferocious waterfall. It is this place which has the capability of turning into great scenic spot for Tourists. The Tiger movement is often observed by the villagers in this area.

Mudgudi : This area is next to jhaanjh and houses Mudgudi dam. This dam contains water throughout the year and home to various birds. In coming times may be walking trek would be constructed which would be extremely useful feature for the birders.

Kerawah : Kerawah is very close to Badrehal village. This place is famous for wild banana trees which are more than 70 years old. The sight to watch is origination of Kerha River which is below these trees. The picturesque spot has open fields in front of these trees and river flowing through.   

Kadewaha – Madehavah: These both areas need special mention as they are share the area with Magadhi Core Area. This area has large grassland and increases the chance of wildlife sightings.

Hundaarmaada and Sehimaada: These areas have lot of natural caves which are home to hyenas and Porcupines.  It would attract lot of tourists.

Kalwahdhaar: The Topography and area needs special mention. This is home to Lot of wildlife in General.

Badawar: This is the Exit gate which would end its trails right next to Tala Umaria road.


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