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Bandhavgarh at a Glance

Bandhavgarh Sightings summary 2014-2015

BANDHAVGARH TIGER RESERVE is one reserve which needs no introduction for Wildlife, and Tiger lovers. The reserve has been divided into tourism zones as below:

  • Core tourism zones: Tala (Premium zone), Magdhi, and Khitauli zone
  • Buffer tourism zones: Manpur, Panpatha, and Dhamokhar

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Bandhavgarh Beckons

It was 0515hrs on 14th April, I have lost count the number of times I have been impatient to enter the Tala gate of Bandhavgarh National Park for the morning safari.  The eagerness over last 12 years has only increased, the same park, the same trails, but a new emotion every time.  Don’t know what awaits my luck everytime I enter the park. This time the eagerness was a bit more as I was all set with my Image stabilizer lens and some dear Tour Operator friends.

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Bandhavgarh The Land of Kabir and Tansen

The famous enlightened saint of 16th century. Why did he chose Bandhavgarh fort of all the places to stay and meditate in the ancient caves of Bandhavgarh Fort, no concrete answers on it yet, but there has to be something special about Bandhavgarh Fort, and the forest here. One can see the inscriptions on the walls of the caves which are in Pali language a language spoken and written about 2000 years earliar.

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Challenger – A tribute to the Heartthrob of Bandhavgarh

It was 5pm in the evening, Jagat the resident naturalist of Tiger Den Bandhavgarh was with some clients in the park near Mahammen Pond, and they were looking for Challenger, a young robust male Tiger, about 5 years old, as this was his area. Time was right, place was right, and they were moving gradually, their ears were fervently waiting to hear some alarm calls, and their eyes were dying to get a glimpse of some stripes in the tall grass.

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Tiger Boom in Bandhavgarh

3 months of monsoon flew past, whenever the parks close on 30th June, there is a lot of anguish among the Tiger lovers, they do no know if there loved Tigers will remain alive when the park reopens on 1st October. Even I had the same feelings when I did my last safari on 26th June 2006 in Bandhavgarh National Park.I was eager to get back to Bandhavgarh. Reports came in from our naturalists, that the Big B2 had been spotted on 2nd October.

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Points in Tala and Magdhi Range

  1. Tala Gate
  2. Dhanyawad Junction for Route A
  3. Jurmani Talab Junction
  4. Jamunia Junction for Route D
  5. Jurmani Talab Junction for Route D
  6. Ketkiha Pendunous Plants
  7. Murdhawa Elephant Camp

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