Resident Naturalists of Tiger's Den Bandhavgarh

Jagat Narain Chaturvedi (Age 38)

was born in a village inside Bandhavgarh National Park. In 1993 when Bandhavgarh was brought under Project Tiger, the villages were relocated outside the National Park. It was then that he moved to “Tala”, a village on the fringes of the National Park. Hence, his familiarity of the Tiger trails is second to none as he himself has walked those trails. Though Tigers change over a period of time but the trails remain the same. He has the experience of working with Discovery Channel, National Geographic channel and is a qualified English speaking naturalist in Bandhavgarh. His knowledge of local fauna is also something to reckon with. An avid birder who has prepared the most detailed and exhaustive checklist of the Birds of Bandhavgarh

He keeps you occupied during the safari with information, which makes your visit to Bandhavgarh worthwhile and very meaningful. Be rest assured that all your questions about Flora and Fauna of Bandhavgarh will be answered. Understand the medicinal value of local plants, know their botanical names, he is a walking encyclopedia on local treasures of Bandhavgarh.

His able and good presence of mind will take you at the right place, at the right time, to ensure you have captured the live moments by your eyes, in your mind, and into your camera.

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