Team Tiger's Den, Bandhavgarh

When Tiger's Den was conceptualized one thing that was very clear in the mind of Shailendra was that Tiger’s Den should be known for providing quality experience. While everyone talks about it, there are few who understand it, and even fewer who implement it. In today’s times when technology has made the world flat, and one can get everything online, it is no longer a cake walk to please a guest. So what does one do to pamper their guests so that they always think about Tiger’s Den whenever they think about Bandhavgarh? It is all about recruiting the right team, with right attitude, training them, and retaining them. For those who have been associated with Tiger’s Den journey over last 15 years would realize that maximum team members are the same. We have tried to treat our team members the way we want them to treat our guests. Hence the team members exceeded the expectations of all our guests, and this enables us to increase our guest loyalty. Come be treated like royalty by our team at Tiger’s Den Resort.

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